Christie marks two years for its Tiles

November 11, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Christie Digital’s PR team sent a note around Thursday rolling up the big moments for its MicroTiles product, which is two years old as of this week.

Some of the big jobs they have done are well-known and covered – like the London Stock Exhange, NASCAR Hall of Fame and Arsenal Media’s BuzzWalls, but what caught my eye was a project I’d not heard about for the University of Pennsylvania’s Translational Research program. That one involves 180 MicroTiles, 20 wide by nine high.

The videowall is in the lobby of the new research building in Philly. It is connected to the building’s fiber-optic network, and does everything from convey information to run live video-conferences.

I’d also not read until now about two big walls at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery and a 30-tile project at Versace Fifth Avenue in New York, which gets used among other things as a video backdrop for live fashion models at the store.

I also see a big wall of tiles now on the set of Global TV’s new morning show in Toronto.

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