ADFLOW strikes retail marketing deal with subsidiary of CPG giant Acosta

November 8, 2011 by Dave Haynes

ADFLOW Health Networks has done what looks like a very nice little deal to have its personal health stations – blood pressure monitors gone digital – co-marketed by a marketing company with a very deep reach into US pharmacies and grocers.

The strategic partnership is with FrontLine Marketing, which provides solutions for front-end, pharmacy, and new product center displays at more than 8,800 grocery and pharmacy retailers, including Kroger, SUPERVALU, Safeway, Food Lion, and Winn-Dixie. FrontLine is a subsidiary of Acosta, a huge sales and marketing agency that works with consumer brands.

The ADFLOW Health Networks Personal Health Center platform will now be added to FrontLine’s core set of pots and pans its sales people put in front of clients.

Says the release:

Together, the companies will represent the country’s largest web-enabled, multi-function biometric screening kiosk network. They will work together to provide Consumer Packaged Goods, Over The Counter, and Health & Beauty Aids marketers with this new way to reach and engage with health-conscious shoppers.and FrontLine Marketing have announced a strategic partnership to take the familiar in-store blood pressure monitor kiosk into the 21st century.

Along with standard health screening abilities, the new kiosks will include functionality such as personalized product recommendations and print-on-demand coupons. Personal Health Centers will occupy a number of national retail pharmacy chains, giving advertisers a wide reach while simultaneously allowing them to target consumers on an individual basis.

The goal is to tap into a slice of the $35 billion spend on in-store advertising.

We have been active in this space for the last fifteen years and believe this program can be transformational,” says Jefferson Myers, President of FrontLine Marketing. This partnership extends and complements FrontLine’s current high-impact capabilities within the fast-growing pharmacy area of leading retailers. The ADFLOW Health Networks system is truly next-generation in its targeting and consumer engagement ability.”

“We have reached an inflection point in the personal health management market and it is time for innovative technology to bring consumers, caregivers, commerce, and content together in convenient locations across the country,” says Mel Stein, CEO of ADFLOW Health Networks. “This unique and proven consumer touchpoint provides marketers with a variety of highly targeted digital, interactive, merchandising, and print-on-demand solutions only steps away from the purchase decision. FrontLine’s leadership understands that, and we believe in their strong commitment to make this partnership the success we anticipate it to be.”

A nice win for my friends up the street from me in Burlington, ON, and the Pennsylvania-based sister company that’s focused on the wellness kiosks. Acosta is a BIG player in the space, and has the weight and people to open a lot of doors for this product and service.

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