Asics does slick digital domination wall in NYC subway station

November 4, 2011 by Dave Haynes

In the traditional out of home business, an ad campaign that pretty much takes over an environment is called a domination campaign. This is something of a digital domination program put together at the Columbus Circle subway station in New York.

Inwindow Outdoor is known primarily for doing hybrid digital and graphic print programs on the street-level windows of buildings in big cities like New York, and this is its first move off the streets and out of shopping malls and into transit areas – working with CBS Outdoor.

It’s a 60-foot long video wall that runs the length of a corridor at the station and APPEARS to be using empty retail space to rear project onto film on the windows.

The campaign is for the shoe company Asics and is timed to coincide with the running of the famed NYC Marathon this weekend, though the campaign is up all through November.

The video loops shots of the five boroughs of New York City and a map of the Marathon route. Then there is a  followed by the image of Ryan Hall, the top American marathoner these days, running the length of the video board, at marathon pace.


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