Industry seminar and AM mixer set for mid-month in Toronto

November 1, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Taking the pint glass half-full perspective, I suppose it is good that I am so freakin’ busy that organizing a Toronto industry mixer remains stuck on the To Do list. It will get arranged at some point, I guess, though “When?” is a reasonable question.

Any volunteers?

It’s good then, that someone is getting the local mob together for the first time in several months – albeit for coffee and what-not instead of pints of beer and wings.

Lyle Bunn has organized what he is calling a Digital Signage Masters Series event Nov. 16th at the Hard Rock Cafe’s Dundas Square location in Toronto. The restaurant – if he’s got the upstairs event area – overlooks all the LED boards of the square, which is a scaled-down but increasing impressive variation on Times Square.

Bunn will take an hour to lay out his view of the industry, and then there is a panel/Q&A with various people who have stepped up as event sponsors.  That panel includes:

There are networking slots built-in and a “working luncheon” at the end. The event costs $65, with discounts if you belong to one of the supporting associations (like the Retail Council).

All the details are here …

Me and Hellberg are in Los Angeles that day with a client, so you won’t see me.


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