If you have 6,000 stores, then actually, No, you don’t need to …

October 24, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The Digital Signage Expo folks have circulated an email blast that says registration is now open for the annual trade show and networking-fest in Lost Wages.

The show is March 6-9 in 2012, a week later than what’s been typical the last few years.

The email has the curious header from Bob Stowe of Wendy’s, stating that if someone wants menu boards in 6,000 stores, he or she needs to get on a plane to Vegas.

No question, it is a good show, and no question, there is considerable value. But if you have 6,000 stores, you don’t even have to twitch, never mind pack luggage. The entire digital signage ecosystem will come to your office, bring you coffee, rub your neck and kiss your ring.



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