Latest Nielsen Fourth Screen report includes big mall numbers

October 21, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The Nielsen Company has issued its latest Fourth Screen Network Audience Report, a quarterly audience analysis on the digital place-based network business. The report is about audience exposures for OOH networks and is used as one means of comparing audience sizes with TV and other mediums.

Nielsen doesn’t seem to release summaries itself, so it seems to dribble out in PR from networks that like how their numbers look. Adspace Networks is in the report for the first time, and the mall network guys liked what they saw enough to send out a release.

The second quarter 2011 report, says an Adspace release, “shows the specific strength of Adspace Networks, owner and operator of their own in-mall digital network comprised of 122 (at the end of Q2) Class A malls across the country, with the Company ranking number one in Age 12+ 28-Day Gross Exposures (among 6 networks that measure comparably on 12+ demos).

 Selected venues (by Adspace)
Gross Minute Exposures (X Spots/Hour) 28 Days
Network Spots/Hour Total 12+
Adspace 15 215,476,705
Access – Mallvision 12 127,359,653
Akoo OOH TV 3 42,918,053
CNN Airport 1 28,205,719
Best Buy 2-10 22,860,092
Outcast: PumpTop 15.3 17,999,496
indoorDIRECT 15/2 13,719,388
Q2 2011 Nielsen 4th Screen Audience Report:

Gross Minute Exposures:  Reflects the sum of average minute exposures for an 
advertiser schedule of a typical ad rotation.  

The chart is Adspace’s selection of venues that compare to it, however the Fourth Screen covers a lot more than seven networks (I’ve done the “Please Sir, I want some more thing” with Nielsen this morning).

The report reflects a mash-up of  traffic and transaction data with demographic and qualitative data to produce gross exposures and an average minute audience for each network.

“It is a big step to be in the Fourth Screen Report,” says Bill Ketcham, executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Adspace Networks. “It gives us more credibility in the media planning and buying community.  We always struggled with how to explain our audience metrics in the context of other media. Now, Nielsen’s accurate audience estimates will allow us to have comparable video metrics.”

“The Fourth Screen Report provides uniform measurement in a fragmented marketplace, creating a level playing field,” adds Dave Barnett, managing director, Kinetic. “This is one more data point that increases the validity of digital media, and Nielsen gives it tremendous credibility.”

The Adspace Digital Mall Network reaches 26.8 million unique visitors over a 4 week period.  Additionally, the report shows particular strength among teens, young adults and women.  The 12-24 age demographic represents 48% of Adspace viewing, more than double the demo’s percent of the U.S. population.  Females age 12-34 represent 50% of Adspace viewing, also double their percent of the U.S. population.

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