rAVe: AMX ships new enterprise digital signage software application

October 20, 2011 by guest author, rAVe Publications

Dubbed Inspired Composer 5, AMX’s new enterprise-wide digital signage software application is designed to ensure a consistent look and feel across all signs in an organization, as well as schedule creative content.

Developed for use with the Inspired XPert digital signage players (both 1080p native IS-XPT-2000 and IS-200) from AMX, Inspired Composer 5 allows for editing, publishing and delivery of content, including real-time Internet content like weather, stock and news widgets.

There’s no question that this version of Composer is the best so far and has a very simple user-interface design. New features of the software include workflow tools that assist users through common tasks such as message and playlist design. To facilitate review and publishing, a system summary screen shows the status of the system and any pending message approvals.

Other key features of the new software include publishing feedback and Active Directory authentication.

Inspired Composer 5 is available in a desktop version (IS-COMP5-DESK) for installation on local PCs in deployments requiring only one or two content contributors. It is also available in a server version (IS-COMP5-SERV) for installation on an enterprise server, giving any PC on the network the ability to manage the digital signage system.

For all the details, go here: http://www.amx.com/products/IS-COMP5-SERV.asp

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