Newad adds NFC to Out Of Home ad poster network

October 5, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The Montreal-based out of home and digital out of home  company Newad will be one of the first media companies in North America to add Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to its network of ad posters, starting in the new year with NFC chips embedded in some 200 backlit poster boards at Canadian college campuses.

The chips will allow smartphone owners to simply tap their phone to a poster ad and instantly draw down information and discount coupons, as well as have options to buy the products being advertised. The posters are analog, not digital, but Newad like rival Zoom Media has a large and growing digital network. The progression to digital would be inevitable if the take-up on NFC is anything like what’s expected.

The integration of NFC with OOH and Digital OOH poster networks is considered to be one of the next big things in the sector because of the relative simplicity, when compared to more-involved technologies such as QR codes and Bluetooth.

Newad says the integration of NFC technology into an ad environment is a first for Canada. You could argue another company, Toronto’s Counter Connection, already has NFC in place on its hybrid POS-ad displays in retail. But that’s not a pure-play OOH or Digital OOH media vehicle like Newad.

“This announcement is a testament to the constant evolution of advertising models, and to Newad’s ability to offer advertisers a range of cutting edge products. Not only is this good news for Newad and its advertisers, but for Canada’s entire advertising, marketing and mobility industry,” says Michael Reha, president and CEO of Newad. “The integration of NFC technology to our offer will now allow advertisers to establish a more direct relationship with consumers, to trigger more immediate and measurable purchasing decisions.” 

Newad is working with Vancouver’s Gauge Mobile, the developer of the Scanvee platform being used.

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