Follow The Money Dep’t: New VSS Forecast Shows Big Growth For OOH & DOOH

September 30, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Out-of-Home Media’s compounded annual growth rate is predicted to be at 9.2% in 2015, making it a $12.08 billion industry in the US based on “accelerated gains in traditional OOH and the continued roll-out of digital OOH screens and signage.

That’s the word in the new omnibus media and communications industry forecast by Veronis Suhler Stevenson (VSS), a private investment firm focused on the information, education, media, communications and business services industries in North America and Europe.

The company’s latest five year forecast, held back to recalibrate numbers in the midst of a sputtering economy, suggests:  CAGR in the Traditional Consumer Advertising Media sector will be 1.9% in the forecast period to $160.21 billion in 2015. The Broadcast TV segment will post a 3.9% CAGR increase in the forecast period, reaching $57.37 billion in 2015, driven by retransmission fees and its digital platforms.

Newspaper Publishing segment CAGR is expected to fall 2.7% to $35.03 billion in 2015, with long-term secular declines in print, mitigated as newspapers roll out ancillary print products, implement usage fees for digital platforms, and grow online and mobile ad spending.

Broadcast & Satellite Radio segment CAGR in the forecast period will be 4.2%, reaching $22.16 billion, with steady gains in the satellite component of the segment, and accelerating growth in digital platforms. 

The press release is filled with CAGR percentages on where the larger communications industry is going. It’s the kind of thing CFOs probably like to run though, but after a while, mere mortals will go cross-eyed. More on the forecast is here. I assume getting the whole thing costs a few bucks.


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