Digital OOH In The Works For Astral Media

September 27, 2011 by Dave Haynes

We hear and read a lot about how Digital OOH works best when it is part of an integrated media and marketing mix, but I’m not sure it happens all that much. It helps, however, when a media company dominates a major market and has control over multiple mediums.

Up the road in Montreal, Marketing magazine is reporting how Astral Media has introduced a media domination strategy it calls The Works.

In development for the past four months, The Works enables advertisers to simultaneously commandeer advertising inventory on Astral’s television, radio, digital out-of-home and internet properties in Quebec four times a day (7:58 a.m., 11:58 a.m., 4:58 p.m. and 9:58 p.m.) for one week. The ads will also be shown in rotation throughout the week.

Built as a one-week package, The Works places an emphasis on Montreal and incorporates 10 TV channels, 24 radio stations, 13 digital out-of-home boards and 18 websites.

Mary Lepage, director of Astral’s integrated sales division, Astral Mix, said that internal research indicates The Works would enable advertisers to reach more than 85% of all French-speaking Quebecers 25-54 and more than 90% of all those in the Montreal French market each week.

“It’s an exceptional offer whereby we expose the majority of Quebecers to a client’s brand or message simultaneously across four different mediums,” said Lepage. “Four times a day, their message is virtually impossible to circumvent–it creates a lot of impact.”

Astral has digital boards in Toronto, as well, but nowhere near the media footprint it has in Montreal.


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