Strategy Institute releases agenda for fall investor conference in NYC

June 27, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The Strategy Institute’s Investor Conference Oct. 17-18 in NYC now has a fairly robust agenda plotted out, and it’s being sent around looking for attendees.

What caught my eye:

Garry McGuire of RMG is doing the Day 1 keynote, called Digital Out-of-Home Media 2.0: The Next Generation Is Interactivity

There’s a panel on network operations which looks to be more about business model than the technical bits (good call). On the speaker list are Benjamin Mathieu, the CEO of Stratacache-owned enVu (in malls), Rishi Shah, the Founder & CEO of ContextMedia (health clinics) and Niko Drakoulis, the Founding Chairman and CEO of Akoo International (malls).

That is followed by a CEO panel on funding with Dave Courtney, the CEO of JiWire (mobile media) and Paul Rawlings, the Founder & CEO of ScreenReach Interactive (mobile engagement).

That should be good. Have chatted with Rawlings but not been in same room or city at the time.

After lunch is an ad agency panel, at which networks will again (if form holds) be told what they have is interesting but they need to get their measurement and stories straight. The messengers this time include: Amy Vollet, a Media Director at  TracyLocke, Al Witteman, the CMO of TPN (who I thought was AT Tracy Locke – I need a program), and Ray Rotolo, the COO of Posterscope (BIG OOH buyer).

After that, there’s a session on DOOH metrics (What Can We Measure, Techniques and Its Impact on Profitability). That is with the DPAA’s Susan Danaher and Joseph C. Philport, the President & Chief Executive Officer of the Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement, Inc.

There’s also a  session on DOOH in South America, which will probably be interesting but probably not all that relevant to the crowd.

The second day has François de Gaspé Beaubien, the Chairman & Chief Coaching Officer of Zoom Media, talking about Consolidation: The Future of the DOOH Market. If you know the Digital OOH sector, you know ZOOM will be a consolidator.

That’s followed by an investor panel, which will see money guys talking about what interests them and what they want to see. That will be followed by all kinds of start-up network guys clamoring to get cards in the hands of these money guys.

There’s then the dreaded paid sponsor presentation (once in a while these are good, but it’s rare). That’s followed by case studies for a new networks, including the Forecourt gas station network in the UK and Captivate (elevators).

That’s followed by a couple of day two enders I am not sure about.

The event also has a speed-dating thing, which has gone over well the last two years.

Full agenda here. The event is at a DoubleTree in midtown Manhattan. If you are driving and parking, $43 for the day. Yee-owch.

All in all, a decent line-up. There’s some stuff on the agenda that makes me crazy, and I wish the organizers would get better advice (or listen). But there are many solid people in the speaker group who will be worth a listen.

The singing and dancing emcees for the show are Steve Nesbit and Adrian Cotterill, the latter who doubtlessly won’t be shy about keeping people from pitching instead of educating.

I’m intending to go.

Registration is here.

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