InfoComm follow-up: Salitek's 16 by 4 video wall

June 20, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Video walls, I both heard and saw, are big business at the moment for the AV crowd that packed InfoComm last week. There were a few BIG walls here and there but the one that caught my eye was one from Chicago’s Salitek, which used 64 Orion zero-bezel plasmas in a 16 wide by four high curved array.

This is not a cheap install, but in something like a mass merchandise retailer or mall this sort of thing might get a lot more interest from brand advertisers than 64 screens scattered around a store, many going unnoticed. Big is and always will be important when the space is also big. The booth also had a couple of vertical columns using the Orions, which are very reminiscent of the nice columns demo’d by Christie and Prysm.

I chatted with Vince Schuster, Salitek’s CEO, and asked if he had any snappies or video. I said I’d run some if he did. It’s a little late, but still interesting to see. Here’s a long-ish video of the booth.

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