InfoComm DisplaySearch Conference: More AM notes

June 14, 2011 by Dave Haynes

More notes from the morning session of the DisplaySearch conference.

The Corning session was a bit of a letdown – more of an explanatory thing about how Gorilla Glass is made and little about the future of glass as a display surface.

The Intel session was was pretty much just a run-through of what Intel is up to.

As with Corning, Intel was an event sponsor so they got a slot. I wish they would have been more meaningful.

The Chief presentation was interesting from the perspective of the panel mount stuff that seem pedestrian but are as critical as screens and software to a project, particularly when it comes to labor costs.

NEC’s John Sheehan gave a solid talk about representative case studies of different projects and how long they took and how many companies had to plug in. It was amazing to hear that a major retailer spent the money on a big video wall in a cosmetics area with no set objectives or strategy.

“They just wanted a Wow Factor,” says Sheehan. “That’s all they wanted.”

A panel pulled together was asked where the growth is in digital signage right now. They all said video walls. There are a lot of video wall jobs out there, and the decision period is far shorter than for the other hot sector, QSR. That was described as hot, but complicated and characterized by long, long decision processes.

The other hot sector, it was noted, is retail banking.


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