Dumbasses at MediaSignage still hard at work irritating people

June 10, 2011 by Dave Haynes

You can only marvel at the wondrous stupidity that permeates the marketing office at MediaSignage.

Just two weeks after the “FREE” signage software company sent me a note extolling the glories of their offer, prompting a post on the Massive Fail that is its marketing effort, and just days after someone else at the firm added a comment to the post feebly suggesting they’d like to advertiser here, I get THREE more spam notes in a row this morning – all the same – from the knucklehead Eric who spammed me two weeks ago.

Lest you think my irritation is isolated, consider this note I was copied on earlier this week:

You’ve spammed our form a lot! If you’re a person, remember where you’ve been and only send a single email. If you’re a bot, bad form guys at Media Signage! Really bad form.

Don’t piss off other people in the same industry!

We’ve actually evaluated your solution as a platform for our content, but you’re getting some negative industry feedback right now due to practices such as these, so we moved onto other companies that aren’t coming across as douchebags.

Go develop and sell Penis Enlargement software guys. You’re an embarassment.


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