28-screen cluster to add visual Digital OOH pop in Swiss mall

June 6, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Malls are such big, cavernous spaces that any digital visual elements are challenged just to be noticed. I have seen some mall installations that look good, but the displays have been too small to be much more than part of the scenery.

So it’s smart, I think, to seize the opportunity when it arises in a mall to develop something with genuine visual pop – which is what Neo Advertising is doing at a mall in its home country of Switzerland.

Neo is next month lighting up what it calls a Digital Branding Zone in a newly built section of the Balexert shopping mall – made up on 28 46-inch LCD panels in one big cluster. The Geneva mall has the second largest foot traffic counts in the country, and the zone will be used for both mall tenants and third party advertisers.

Neo already has 650 screens in 50 shopping malls, and reaches about 2.5 million consumers weekly.

I would like this more if it was not at an entrance and people were walking to it, not past it, but again, this will have more impact than 28 screens hung individually around a mall.


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