Digital signage a $4.5B business within five years

May 31, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Digital signage will be a $4.5 billion global business within five years, estimates the research firm ABI Research in a new market study.

ABI rolls displays, media players, software, and installation/maintenance costs (as well as a MASSIVE chunk for consultants, I can only assume) into a number pegged at $1.3 billion last year.

The report is called Digital Signage Market and Business Case Analysis, and you have to register and login just to find out what it costs to download. More than Angry Birds Rio, I’m guessing. Probably four figures

Larry Fisher, Practice Director, Automotive, Energy and Emerging Technologies at the firm, says in a release: “Digital signs have a more compelling impact than some forms of traditional media. Digital signage has redefined the model for out-of-home advertising through the deployment of signs at malls, airports, and banks, among others; signs that deliver content in real time, or content that has already been stored and scheduled for delivery at the most appropriate time.”

Well that certainly sheds more light on the findings. The release goes on to say some other sweepingly general things, so if you want real numbers or any real insight, you’re going to have to dig out your Visa card.

The table of contents for Digital Signage Market and Business Case Analysis is here.

If they send me the report – NUDGE NUDGE – I’d be better prepared to tell you if it’s good value.


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