Brinkley leaving Nanonation for Seattle digital services firm

May 23, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I know Jenny Brinkley mostly through Preset partner Pat Hellberg, who like Brinkley lives in Portland, Oregon. He mentioned the other day that the longtine Nanonation business development exec was taking a new position with a Seattle company.

We got in touch and did a quick email interview to find out what’s up.

So you are leaving Nanonation?

Yes, I am leaving Nanonation! Its been a great five-plus year run, and I am ready to focus on strategy and digital content creation again!

Whatcha doing?

I am joining Ascentium as the VP of Business Development. In essence, I am charged with building new client acquisition strategies with a focus on social, mobile and core digital services (including DOOH).

Did you already know the company?

I did. One of my closest friends, who is a long-time client of Ascentium, recommended me into the company.

You are in Portland and I gather the new guys are in Seattle. Are you telecommuting?

I’ll be split between HQ and Portland to help set the stage for account growth. However, the majority of the time will still be flying all over the place, meeting with prospects and landing new business! 🙂

What’s got you excited about the new gig?

At least a couple of things. Ascentium is a technically savvy creative shop that blends a strong digital story with a platform mentality – mobile, social, online, and DOOH. It’s a true ecosystem concept and this approach speaks directly to my interest and capabilities. And the company has an entrepreneurial mentality that aligns perfectly with how I like to work and look at opportunities.

You were at Nanonation for a while, and it’s a good bunch. You probably won’t miss the connecting flights from Portland to Lincoln, Nebraska, but you must have mixed feelings.

They are poised for some great business growth. I will miss the team, but they’ll be just fine.

Jenny starts her new gig in a week. Best wishes! A loss for Nano but I like to see smart people find their way into complementary industries, where they will inevitably build a strong understand for how digital screens fit in the ecosystem.


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