Infographic: Advertising moving from Channels to Formats

May 20, 2011 by Dave Haynes

MDG Advertising, a Boca Raton, Florida-based ad agency (given all the wet, gloomy NY weather lately I am sure Boca looks pretty good right now to agency people) has developed and published a really nice, tidy infographic looking at what it calls the Shifting Ground: The Changing Scope of Advertising.

The agency asserts:

“In advertising, as in life, it seems the only constant is change. Innovative formats, new technologies and shifts in priorities mean there’s always something new and always something next in our ongoing quest to communicate with consumers. While tracking the trends of today and tomorrow takes extensive research and insight, MDG has compiled this data … that clearly paints a picture of advertising’s ongoing evolution.”

As with just about any information graphics it is big on ideas and small on detail and thought, but I like some of the key points, such as:

The move from Channels to Formats – the notion that advertising is no longer about TV, but about video, and on and on;

The shift from Fixed advertising to Mobile – not so much that smartphones are where it’s at, but how advertising is no longer about marketing at fixed points, but about reaching people in multiple ways, on the go.

You can see and download a big version of the graphic here.

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