Weinfeld signs on with ScreenReach as CSO

May 18, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Another one of the kids leaves home …

UK-based social-mobile start-up ScreenReach Interactive is establishing a full-time US presence and has brought David Weinfeld on as its man on this side of the pond, as well as the small firm’s Chief Strategy Officer.

David has been a part of  The Preset Group pretty much since its inception and like the other Preset folks, also did other things to pay the bills. Most recently, he’s been working with Obscura Digital, the SanFran company that does amazing stuff like 3D projections on the Coca-Cola headquarters in Atlanta and the Sydney Opera House.

You will also know David as the wickedly smart and insightful guy who writes the Digital Signage Insights blog, which is how I got to know him.

This is a great move for both DW and Paul Rawlings and Sam Morton, the Newcastle-based co-founders of ScreenReach. If you know David, you know how passionate he is about the convergence of different screen mediums. He and Stephen Randall at LocaModa are the guys I look to when I need to get my feeble mind around how social, local, mobile and transaction technology all fit together.

It also likely means less very long road trips to North America for Morton and Rawlings, the latter who I have got to know a bit via David. GREAT guy.

DW is based in Philly and my guess is the NYC office is more about him being an hour and change away from Penn Station for now, but the company is definitely positioned for growth (and eventual acquisition, I’d imagine).

ScreenReach does two-way interactive stuff that bridges mobile with digital screens, which is right up David’s street. The company has done some really interesting deals, including a high-profile one with RMG Networks to make its varied networks increasingly interactive.

On the company blog, he writes:

Joining the team at Screenreach is the ideal step to realising my dream of bringing the worlds of mobile, social, and DOOH together. We are standing at the edge of a transformational point in our industry’s maturation. The evolving DOOH landscape is poised to take advantage of rapid smartphone adoption, the spread of high-speed broadband connectivity, and the growing role of social media in our lives. Platforms like Screenreach are necessary to lift digital signage and digital out-of-home media to the next level.

One-way communication is over. Screenreach recognizes the ability to amplify the mobile, social, and DOOH mediums by combining the best of each into an innovative, and one-of-a-kind platform.

Weinfeld is over in the UK for the next couple of week at Screen Media Expo and hanging out with his new colleagues. Very happy for all concerned, though we’ll miss his invaluable insight on emerging media. Hopefully he’ll still take our calls. ;-]


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