DOOH4Relief in Quebec, via Rollad Media

May 10, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Numbers are starting to come in from network operators who kindly ran DOOH4Relief spots in the days and weeks after the ground shook and the ocean heaved around Japan.

Here’s a shot of a Dooh4Relief spot in a Jean Coutu (the dominant pharmacy chain) in Quebec, as run at the point of sale  by Rollad Media.

Many thanks to Rollad president Isabelle Roy for taking the time to run the numbers. We’ve not had many networks report in with their tallies, but we know with the few we have the impression count is well past 5 million. If you ran spots, please take a few minutes and let us know about impact. It will help build the case for next time, and also show what Digital OOH can do as DOOHgood starts to ramp up.


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