Querin joins Zoom rival KB Media

May 3, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Toronto-based KB Media has hired on Andy Querin as president and chief operating officer of the Digital OOH company, a few months after parting ways with competitor Zoom Media, where he was president.

“Andy is a major acquisition for KB Media and will play a vital role in cementing our position as Canada’s most effective ad platform,” says David Brisson. “Bringing him on board makes a strong statement about our commitment to the Canadian marketplace and the digital landscape.”

KB does things a little differently, but is after the same market as Zoom and NewAd Media – washrooms in restaurants, bars and sports venues.

KB does digital mirrors and now says, in the wake of investment into a product upgrade,  it has 3,000 mirror faces across the country.

The unique feature of KB Media’s mirrors is a sensor that counts the number of impressions and changes the image of the patron to a colourful, digital advertisement, both as a still and motion image. This major cash infusion will arm their specialized mirrors with the latest in hi-tech sensors, polished chrome frames and high quality glass, making for a cleaner, visually enhanced digital presentation and the pinnacle of technology in the marketplace.

KB cites recent research done in Chicago for a similar product, involving 900 people, as evidence of the medium’s impact:

Unaided recall for mirror advertising was shown to be 27 per cent higher and had a recall of 14 per cent, versus 11 per cent for other similar advertisements. Further, 83 per cent of consumers found mirror advertising appealing and 35 per cent stated that it had a positive influence on their image of the advertised brand.

Querin started his new gig this week. Welcome back to the working life, Andy.

I am hearing stories, but have not confirmed, of some other changes at Zoom.


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