signagelive now lets clients run platform in language of choice

April 20, 2011 by Dave Haynes

New digital signage software releases don’t get a lot of play here because once I start doing that, I am opting in on relaying an unending torrent of stuff. But …. now and then stuff comes along that’s a little different or important.

UK-based signagelive (note: I do some writing for them and CEO Jason Cremins has guest-posted here) has released new enhancements to the software platform, including support for language packs. I don’t think this is entirely unique, but it is still quite rare.

The multi-lingual user interface means digital signage network operators are no longer restricted to running software developed only in the English language. Using language packs, signagelive users can choose their native language – Spanish, for example – in the web browser settings and then have the full content management system delivered in the selected native tongue.

“We think multi-lingual support is tremendously important when you get down to the local site administration of networks, where the level of English skills may not be as high as at a main office,” explains Remote Media CEO Jason Cremins. “Our language support will auto-detect the locale of the computer and present the native language in the signagelive interface.”

When I was doing software sales, native language support was something that came up as soon as I was dealing with Central and South America, and even in Canada because of the predominantly French presence in Quebec and pockets elsewhere in the country. Certainly, in the U.S., there are networks catering to and managed by people who are Hispanic. The ability to support not just international languages and characters on the screen, but in the user experience, is a nice selling feature.

Language is among several new features, including a layout design tool and some social media stream widgets. Details are in the release. signagelive is demo’ing at next week’s CET World show in San Francisco.

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