New cranky, funny but also insightful digital signage blog from UK: Loudscreen

March 31, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Word of a new blog on the digital signage industry gets my excitement level about as high as when my wife says she’d like me to come with her to Ikea to look at cushions.

I got one of those “I’ve got a new blog” emails from a guy yesterday, and I politely said I would have a look.

For a change, what I saw was good! Most blogs that come along in this space are self-serving and tonally flat, and peter out in a matter of weeks. But I hope Vincent Rise keeps Loudscreen going as he’s got solid things to say, is funny and unafraid to speak his mind.

He’s done the smart thing by loading up on posts as he starts out, and you can’t help but notice headings like Why I Hate Amscreen.

Based in the English seaside town on Hastings, Rice has been knocking around the music and entertainment businesses for decades, has some direct experience in this space, and is starting to work his way back in.

Welcome to the chatter,Vincent.



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