DOOH4Relief Update: Spain involved; ClearChannel pitches in at airports

March 28, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I got a nice note from Jim Nista at Insteo, the company that put together and is hosting the DOOH4Relief website. A new set of ads has been added to the roster, these from and intended for the Spanish market and its Cruz Roja Espanola.

The 19-second spots were produced in portrait and landscape modes. The creative works with the earthquake and Japan red sun theme, and was produced by Barcelona-based TMT Factory.

Thanks very much for the effort. The download page is here:

I also got a note from Lauren Hyer at Monster Media, which has brought OOH giant ClearChannel Outdoor on-board. PSAs are now running at the very busy hub airports of Atlanta and Denver (pic at top).

The Digital OOH network Park Cast also contacted us to say they are running PSAs on its network associated with parking garages in major US markets.

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