Video: DOOH4Relief spot by Cineplex Digital Solutions

March 23, 2011 by Dave Haynes

This is great for a few reasons.

1 – A really nice motion graphics treatment playing off a simple theme.

2 – It is longer and allows time for the call to action to be absorbed.

3 – It will run in movie theatres across Canada before Hollywood movies start, but is ALSO available* for any other Digital OOH networks that want to help out.

4 – It helps Japan. The news crews may have moved on as the nuclear threat seems to have lessened, but the need is still enormous.

The spot was produced by Toronto’s Cineplex Digital Solutions, the merry band formerly known as DDC. Thanks in particulat to Caroline Nichols for getting this done. There is a French version as well.

Downloads of these and other spots for Japan relief can all be found here:

*NOTE – the final version for download does not include the content producer reference.


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