DOOH4Relief: Latest available video

March 22, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The quality of the creative work coming from companies and individuals – all on a voluntary basis – to help drive donations for Japanese relief has been terrific.

This is the latest DOOH4Relief piece, and what’s really interesting here is this is not so much a company as three people collaborating on a piece that might do some good. The concept is by creative consultant Judie Stillman, design by Taka Ikari, and the original music is by Sunshine Collective. All work comes out of Los Angeles.

This is in English only. Judie and her team can swap in Spanish if someone can supply a proper translation. Anyone willing to take five minutes and send me a note with the text? … dave.haynes at

Says Stillman: “The designer I worked with is a very talented, long time colleague who is Japanese, and whose family is there. So it was great to be able to do something besides watching the news.”

We do not yet have any Hispanic messaging and would love to see that for the US market.

The file can be downloaded, like the others already produced by great, talented volunteers, at, under Videos.


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