DOOH4Relief Update: Five countries, momentum building

March 17, 2011 by Dave Haynes

This should be a busy day as the Japan relief effort by the Digital OOH industry gets increasingly involved in a collective, voluntary effort to drive fundraising for the still unfolding tragedy in that country.

We now have several ads up on and today should see some more added and ready for download. The guys at Insteo, who are hosting and managing the site,  will have spots (see above) up today. I know from emails that Cineplex Digital Solutions and Groupe Viva in Canada are also working on spots, and in the UK, Ayuda is pitching in to get things rolling there (but strangely being told by the UK Red Cross that Japan has not asked for help).

Stay tuned on that one.

We had a nice surprise Wednesday as the Belgian company idKlic produced a nice, internationalized spot – referencing both the Red Cross and Red Crescent societies –  that is now up on the DOOH4Relief site, as well. It is also already running in Belgium in 600 pharmacies.

And Al Barq Digital in Abu Dhabi/Dubai has stepped up and is pulling together the effort in the Middle East region.

On the network operator side, we know ScreenScape has asked its SMB user base to run spots, the Canadian Health Media Network is poised to run pots on its member networks as soon as they come available, and RMG Networks in the US – has already started running spots on its large New York Times and fitness networks.

We are also in touch with the Canadian and US digital out of home/place-based member organizations, and OVAB Europe via Al Barq.

We need more ads in more languages, ie Hispanic, but at this point what we really want to see is more and more networks grabbing and running the spots. We’d also like to hear about it, so we can build up some sense of numbers of networks, screens and eyeballs this effort is reaching.

Thanks to all involved.


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