Digital Signage VP Dowell parts ways with LG US

March 10, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I was going to sit on the news, but it’s now out there that LGE US has parted ways with the guy driving its digital signage efforts – Jeff Dowell.

He had been driving the development of a package that distinguished itself in the marketplace from what the other display guys are doing, and I was liking the direction he was taking the SuperSign Premier turnkey offer, which had been launched as SignNet at InfoComm a few months earlier and actually was turnkey.

An all-inclusive bundle that made it dead-simple for the CDWs of the world to sell made sense in the small business marketplace, and Dowell was talking at DSE just a couple of weeks ago about developing a content marketplace, as well. There were big marketing challenges, of course, but I thought this had legs.

LG is a huge company and the direction comes very much from South Korea and the execs they parachute into country offices. Working with them takes a lot of caffeine and Red Bull to keep up.

Dowell’s a very sharp guy and will be a good pick-up for another company in this sector. This is his Linked In profile.

Photo from Pro-AV magazine

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