Video: Lumimo video building blocks

February 28, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Way, way, way at the very back of the DSE hall last week was a company called Lumimo, showing off technology from Japan that embeds an LED module in a cube that’s maybe twice the size of a toy building block. The cubs are all wired and interconnect, controlled in clusters by controller boxes.

The blocks have an effective pixel pitch of 40 MM – like an old school LED video billboard – so the resolution is definitely not intended for running HD.

But, like a nano version of MicroTiles, these units introduce shape into the concept of using video in public spaces and, particularly, in clubs and flagship retail venues that want cool, compelling ambient motion visuals.

I liked this, in part, because the video can wrap around corners and the blocks are structurally designed to support a lot of weight on top of them, ie a dance or shop floor.

No word on price. I got the sense that was still being sorted, and they were sniffing out what the market might bear. They did say it was in the range of what 40 MM LED boards are priced at.

Some video I shot …

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