Missed DSE? Take tour via video product demo archive …

February 27, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I was actually AT DSE last week, and I had time to get demos at maybe a half-dozen booths. It would have been great to have the time to actually walk the floor and look around, but I pretty much jogged it between meetings.

Lots of other people no doubt found themselves in the same pickle, and many, many more just din’t get to the show because of commitments or budgets.

DSE has always done a good job of interviewing exhibitors and industry sages about what’s up, but there really hasn’t been any mechanism to see video product demos. My content partners at rAVe [Publications] changed all that this year. As with some other recent trade shows, they set up a little video edit suite on the show floor and madly ran around shooting quick-and-dirty product demos. There’s no time for production values, so the videos are much more in the vein of: “You’ve got a minute, here’s the mike, gimme your pitch!”

I like them very much, as the smart people get right to the point and show the camera person what they have to offer.

I am not sure how many vids they shot, but lots. It’s not as good as being there, but hey, I was there and missed most of it. No I can at least some of the stuff when I need to.

The archive is here …


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