DSE 2011 – Preset Mixer attracts Big crowd

February 23, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Back from Preset Group DSE Mixer. I truly have no idea how many people were there, but at least 250, maybe 300. A whole bunch.

A pile of people attended, some arriving 15 minutes early and the last stragglers not leaving until after 10.

Great crowd, and great chats with a mob of people. I was multi-tasking at the door and overrun to the point of having to be reminded of the names of people I know. Terrible, and I can’t write it off to pints. Just too many, too fast.

Things we learned …

I hate wearing name tags, but I get it. They would be useful.

Not that many people print off tickets.

A lot of people didn’t pick up difference between invites and clicking “Yes I will attend.”

Scrolling though an iPad app looking for names is not all that faster than paper and clipboards (but looks cooler).

Trying to talk over 250-plus people, on a PA system is utter futility… But hey, we tried.

The staff at The Pub at Monte Carlo are capital G great.

When you agree to meet people the next day, nod approvingly and quickly ask who they were once those people toddle off.

This was as big as this thing could/should get. Any more and it is a mob.

Thanks to all the sponsors – Adcentricity, Arsenal Media, DailyDOOH, DMG, Harris and POPAI – for stepping up and making it a great event.

Thanks also to Kate Sheehy and Jill Miller for helping out!

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