DSE Walkabout – The Cosmopolitan

February 22, 2011 by Dave Haynes

Had dinner with Pat Hellberg and Mr. 11th Screen, Mike Cearley. Great chat, as always.

Then Pat and I wandered over to the new Cosmpolitan resort at MGM City Center – perhaps the last large and opulent place Lost Wages will see for a while.

Very nice, though just about everything opened or reno’d in recent years gets that tag.

What intrigued Pat and I was the content all through the casino, above slot banks and related areas. It probably changes by time of day ,and so on, but what we saw was this oddly intriguing video game-like running visual that was an aerial view of groups of animated people.

It had absolutely nothing to do with gaming or food or drinks or shows. It was just highly involved ambient content.

In the main lobby, there are columns of tiled LCDs from floor to ceiling, and then an ultra wide strip behind registration. When we were there the whole thing was a virtual library of precious books, with different volumes randomly turning white.

A little poking around in search of images suggests the visuals change here and there.

Denver’s Four Winds Interactive is involved with this impressive, very intriguing project. We liked what we saw and if you are in town this week, go have a look if you find time.

Image from Cosmpolitan via Jim Hill Media ….

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