Giant multimedia arch planned for DSE 2011 entrance

February 17, 2011 by Dave Haynes

There was a stack of varied displays at the entrance to last year’s Digital Signage Expo, showcasing technology but looking somewhat cobbled together. It will be very different look this year.

A group of companies – including BrightSign, Chief, flixio and Philips have pulled together a huge video archway over and around the main entrance.

The archway measures 12′ high by 28′ across and is made up of 19 Philips LCD displays secured by Chief mounts. The synchronized video by flixio is being played out using 19 BrightSign HD1010 digital sign

In short, nice!

“It’s exciting to see what can be accomplished when the creative forces of our industry combine to create what has to be one of the industry’s most dynamic displays,” says the DSE’s Chris Gibbs. “It is certainly the most unique entry to any tradeshow ever produced and will have a powerful impact on end users, brand marketers and systems integrators from around the globe as they enter the show.  Clearly, we need more of this type of collaboration to illustrate how the latest digital signage technologies can work together to achieve truly memorable results.”

Well, most unique of any trade show … ever … might be reaching, but this is a trade show about doing interesting things with software, hardware, content and displays, and it makes sense to show the goods from the moment people walk up.

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