Mixer Sponsor Profiles: Adcentricity, Arsenal Media and DailyDOOH

February 16, 2011 by Dave Haynes

The big Preset Group DSE Mixer is our way of getting a lot of industry friends together for a casual networking evening just ahead of the mayhem to follow the next day, as the trade show hall opens at Digital Signage Expo.

The thing has grown into a bit of a beast and we were all ticketed out in seven hours this year. There are free drinks, which explains the lopsided Canadian presence. But we think most people come because it’s a great way to meet a buncha smart people. End of day mixers on the day of a show tend to be typified by a lot of people who are pretty much talked out and beat. And Canadians.

We have ticketed some 250 people (yes, we’re sold out), and while the vast crew at The Preset Group organizes the thing, we seek help from industry sponsors to help offset the cost. One of the ways we pay that back is by profiling those sponsors to the millions, quite possibly billions, of Sixteen:Nine readers.

So, we are doing profiles on those six kind firms. The first three, in alphabetical order:


If you are in the Digital Out Of Home sector and your fortunes depend on ad dollars, you likely know these folks. The company started in Toronto, and has expanded into New York and Chicago, with participating networks all over North America.

In the company’s words:

ADCENTRICITY is a leading Digital Out of Home ad network powered by ADVenue, an advanced media platform that effectively delivers a cohesive “one-stop shopping” and execution solution to answer media agency demands across North America.

ADCENTRICITY provides brands and agencies with an opportunity to engage a monthly audience of over 555MM consumers in high quality location based and retail environments with exact targeting capabilities utilizing over 200,000 live, connected digital screens. As a trusted partner to leading agencies, ADCENTRICITY specializes in supporting media professionals with customized solutions and an understanding around “what works” to effectively activate media plans utilizing the power of this exciting medium.

Founders Rob Gorrie and Jeff Atley are very smart marketers and put out great planning guides, revenue outlooks and other resources that raise the level of overall knowledge and position them as smarty-pants. Which they are.

They will be at the mixer.

Arsenal Media

Denys Lavigne comes out of the print and online publishing business and has built Montreal-based Arsenal Media into one of the top creative shops in this sector. He’s also passionate about the sector, having started and ran the very well-executed JADN micr0-conferences in Montreal that were developed to raise the level of knowledge and build business ties in that city.

Montreal now has a VERY active digital signage sector and while it would be a reach to suggest Denys is behind all that, he’s been smack in the middle of that growth and helped drive it.

His company has grown out of suburban space and now has very cool loft space in an old warehouse building near downtown Montreal. From there, his team is producing some of the nicest work seen in this sector – which is reflected in the number of nominations Arsenal has at the DSE’s content awards next week.

The very cool ambient work you see on Christie’s MicroTiles — almost all of it is Arsenal.

Denys is also one of the driving forces behind the Digital Content Circle think-tank that is ramping up next week.


This is the second-best blog on the digital signage and digital OOH sector    ;-]

It’s very likely that if you are reading this, you are also a reader of the UK-based but global-watching news portal developed and managed by Adrian Cotterill.

I don’t need to write much more than suggest that if DailyDOOH  is not part of your morning reading routine, it should be.

All three firms are repeat sponsors from last year.

Tomorrow: DMG, Harris and POPAI

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