DS Talent Pool: Eitan Amit

February 7, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I got to know Eitan Amit when I was working for another company and, along with some partner companies, trying to pull off a very nice little shelf-edge digital signage thing for a major liquor brand.

Eitan was working for the project lead, and I was the guy who sold his company on the hardware and software solution … which was mysteriously acting up … though not reliably.

An industrial designer, working with a Toronto fixture company, it was his job to make it work. There was a lot of frustration and theorizing about what was actually wrong and who was at fault. The way the content was encoded. The software. The hardware. It was quite frustrating. But one of the guys who stayed calm, and just made it happen, was Eitan.

He recently left his long-time gig and has gone out on his own. He’s looking primarily for contract gigs.

Amit does product design, research and engineering, and provides solutions, systems integration and project management for digital signage, retail, POP, medical, industrial and other various industries. Companies that are looking to build digital into fixtures and other physical settings would do well by him.

You can have a look at his background, and contact him, via Linked In.

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