More detail on Kodak-Haivision deal

February 1, 2011 by Dave Haynes

That deal between Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage unit and Kodak is now official, with an announcement page on the Haivsion website talking about how the software is now directly integrated into Kodak’s new JV700 (7inch) and JV1000 (10 inch) digital signs.

It’s not about getting pictures or video to every screen; it’s about controlled content delivery to exactly where it’s required, and exactly when it will have the most impact.

The challenge of communicating with customers is one of engagement. Such connection can be lost in the traditional “one to many” approach of large screen digital signage. Now, the unique combination of Kodak digital signs with their impeccable image quality and Haivision’s CoolSign enterprise grade digital signage management platform allows brand owners, retailers, banks, and others to deliver content directly to their consumers with a cost effective solution.

The Kodak digital signs are seamlessly managed by CoolSign digital signage networks. Simply power on the sign, connect to the internet via WiFi, and start managing your clients’ media experience. CoolSign assigns the specific media and its schedule at a device level. Using the patented CoolSign scheduling technology, content can be dynamically adjusted and dayparted for optimal consumer engagement. And with 2-way sign to server communications, CoolSign provides real-time health status and full playback reporting.

Haivision delivers systems that deliver media – scaling from few displays to thousands of highly distributed and customized endpoints. Kodak is the reliable and trusted leader in imaging devices that enable dynamic and visual communications. Now, with CoolSign enabled Kodak digital frames widely available, qualified integrators can offer incredibly cost effective communication solutions.

My content partners at rAVe [Publications] are madly running around shooting videos at the ISE show this week in Amsterdam, and they grabbed a brief demo with someone (I am pretty sure it is Peter Maag of Haivision) at the booth.

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