Industry moods more positive: PRI research

January 19, 2011 by Dave Haynes

I like Steven, Margot and the folks at the Platt Retail Institute, and appreciate the research and education they do. But boy, they could stand to do a little packaging of the data so the great unwashed can bend their brains around it.

I quote from the Q4 2010 North American Digital Signage Index released this morning:

The Current DS Index increased from 122.87 in the second quarter of 2010 to 125.85 in the third quarter of 2010, a 2.43 percent increase. This is up from the 1.86 percent increase in the Current DS Index last quarter.

The Near-Term DS Index was 138.02, a 9.67 percent increase in sentiment. This is up from the 6.70 percent increase in the Near-Term DS Index last quarter.

The Current DS Index in the third quarter of 2010 closely tracked the U.S. economy (+2.43 percent versus +2.50 percent GDP). The Near-Term DS Index, an indicator of future business/industry activity, increased versus last quarter (9.67 percent versus 6.70 percent the prior quarter). During the third quarter, advertising spending on DOOH networks rose a robust 21.8 percent, reversing the prior quarter’s 14.90 percent drop.

If I turned my webcam on (I will spare you the pre-shower/badly need shave horror) you’d see me cross-eyed, with bubbles forming on my lips.


What this numbers blizzard is saying is that the sector saw some modest growth. Steven does slip in a little narrative to explain the figures: “While these are positive indicators, the slowdown in capital expenditures (-12.98 percent) and hiring (-2.24 percent) during the third quarter indicates that firms are being more cautious, taking a wait-and-see approach,” says Platt. “The general slowing in the rate of growth in the Near-Term DS Index would buttress this generally cautious but optimistic business attitude.”

You can see the report here

The index is an industry guide, using business leader sentioments as a measure, that’s largely developed by doctoral student interns at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, under the supervision and mentorship of PRI founder Platt.

In a nice turn, the index is now helping to raise money for worthwhile causes, an initiative driven by the doctoral students. Beginning with last quarter’s Index, PRI has been making a small donation to a chosen charity on behalf of each industry representative who fills out the survey. In Q3 PRI donated to the National Wildlife Federation to assist in the clean up of oil in the Gulf, while this quarter its donation went to Paws Chicago, the city’s largest no-kill animal adoption organization.

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