RMG's DOOH Primer: Get in tune!

January 4, 2011 by Dave Haynes

If you run a Digital Out Of Home network or are putting the plans together for one, take the time to read this iMedia post by Reach Media Group’s CEO, Garry McGuire.

It covers some fairly familiar but important ground on how DOOH networks badly need to start syncing up on how they go to market, and transact with the media planners and brands that will make or break their fortunes.

McGuire makes several good points, like this one:

Make this easy for advertisers and media partners
It’s been pointed out many times by media pros, but I’ll repeat it. It takes far more time and energy right now to plan and execute a small DOOH buy than it does to book a much larger broadcast buy. That has to change. The DOOH industry has to make it easy for advertisers and media planners if it wants to firmly be part of the mainstream.

The general thrust of the piece is that the wild west days are over and the industry needs to polish itself up and present a harmonized, professional face and argument.

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