Sign portal takes good, deep look at MGM Mirage's digital signage efforts

December 16, 2010 by Dave Haynes

A piece up in about the MGM Mirage’s comprehensive digital signage efforts is worth a read.

NEC must have bankrolled or supplied the case study-like piece, given the number of enthusiastic references to the vendor. But that doesn’t detract much from the solid information about the resort group’s operational approach to getting digital running across its properties.

I particularly liked the information about the back of house work Randy Dearborn, who runs multimedia for the company out of Lost Wages, is doing …

Turning his attention to the back-of-the-house logistics, Dearborn has implemented a digital signage system specifically for the hotel staff that delivers employee information, such as health benefits, 401K program details, employee discounts and upcoming employee events like blood drives and book fairs. It is known as ME-TV, or MGM MIRAGE Employee Television, and includes live data streams to show traffic reports and other useful information.

Looking toward the future, digital signage may be used to help the event staff in the employee-access areas, with diagrams and pictures on the screens showing room setup for specific meetings.

Take a few minutes if you target the hospitality sector …

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