Panasonic joins the all-in-one bun fight with CoolSign/Haivision

December 14, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Panasonic has done a partner deal with Haivision, the new owner of CoolSign, to market a “a complete digital signage solution for businesses that is easy to purchase, install and operate.”

The solution combines Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage software platform, pre-configured on a powerful media player PC, and Panasonic’s professional LCD displays. This bundled digital signage package offers businesses unmatched quality, easy to specify ordering, simplified delivery, exceptional value with competitive pricing, pre-configured, CoolSign player license certificate plus a two-year parts and service warranty.

“Panasonic and Haivision are collaborating to ease the adoption of digital signage,” said Rick Albert, VP Sales, Professional Display Solutions. “Our partnership with Haivision will open up new opportunities for delivering quality digital signage solutions to specific vertical markets via the CoolSign software.”

This enterprise-grade solution is easily learned and used, allowing end-users to efficiently display, distribute, and control digital media on networked digital displays from a central location. CoolSign includes all the capabilities that marketing, communications, and IT managers demand including security, monitoring and device controls, n-Tier Architecture, multi-casting, and compatibility with most network types such as LAN, DSL, 3G/Cellular, and satellite.

“Integrators have wasted time and money managing the procurement and coordinating the delivery of numerous endpoint items,” said Bob Harris, Vice President, Business Expansion, Panasonic Solutions Company. “This signage solution combines best-in-breed software and hardware into one easily installed and simple to use digital signage solution for multiple applications. CoolSign software will allow companies to create, manage and deliver powerful, dynamic content across an unlimited number of Panasonic displays, helping end users drive business.”

The software will initially be bundled with Panasonic’s LF20 Series Full-HD LCD displays, the 47″ TH-47LF20U and the 42″ TH-42LF20U, the company’s brightest LCD models for retail signage. These displays are distinguished by a wide range of professional features, including high image clarity, a slim design, and light weight. This combined solution will drive business initiatives in signage venues such as shopping malls, public transportation, quick-serve restaurants and other commercial facilities.

“Panasonic and Haivision are strategically aligned to present value-added propositions in our focus markets,” said Mirko Wicha, president and CEO of Haivision. “The time has come for simplification in the signage segment and we are excited to partner with Panasonic towards this end.”

Pricing ranges from about $3,000 to $3,500 for a 42 or 47 inch LCD, Intel PC, software, cables, mount, and parts and labor warranty.

So, good deal for Haivision and, really, the CoolSign guys. They have another deal (bigger, but different) that will get announced in the coming weeks. Can’t/won’t say, so leave me alone.

The hype on this is a little over the top, but kinda normal for press, I guess. If you were new to this, you’d think today  was the first time this particular lightbulb of an idea went on.

The arrangement puts Panasonic, which has been mostly nibbling at the edges of this sector, much more directly into the embedded/all-in-one race that’s been running for a while now.   Already doing embedded: Samsung, LG and NEC, via its partnership with Intel and Microsoft (though not sure that is shipping yet). I don’t think Sony, which definiteloy has a signage software offer, has an embedded screengadgetthing, though.

There may be second-tier guys doing stuff, as well. Actually, probably.

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