Does your esteem company have the demand of digital signage?

December 3, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Dear Sir,

How are you?

I’m [someone from some company I have never heard of]

Knowing that esteem company may have the demand of digital signage, take this opptunity, I’d like to introduce our company for you. We are manufacturer of digital signage, severing for marketing of all kinds of field. Show our product picture for you:

Which is followed by what is supposed to be a 7 or 10 inch LCD in, ummm, 37:9 aspect ratio, running an ad for a McDonald’s something that looks about as mouth-watering as a 2 by 4.

I get these unsolicited emails all the time from different Chinese companies looking to drum up sales and distribution over here. But how many sane people would enter into arrangements that have a language barrier the size of the Great Wall?

It’s not like companies in China’s tech sector need to go to extraordinary lengths to find someone to translate a basic marketing pitch into ancient Sumerian.  Spend a couple of bucks and find a local who speaks English, who can at least ensure the phrasing doesn’t look ridiculous. Or use a virtual assistant company for basic translation.

Hardly a new problem and certainly not unique to this sector, I know, but web services and outsourcing make this a problem that shouldn’t even exist anymore. Is saving a few dollars on marketing really worth it if your email blasts are credibility-free?

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