Astral gets A marks for its digital billboards

December 2, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Montreal-based Astral Out-of-Home has released some research findings from IPSOS about its 32 digital billboard faces running in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. The marks are all in the 80s, which I think still means straight As.

Following the initial launch of the Digital Network in Montreal, Astral mandated IPSOS to assess the public’s perception regarding their digital panels. The results were beyond expectations:

– 82% of respondents believed them to be an innovative way to advertise;

– 82% said that digital panels are attractive and appealing;

– 84% said that they capture people’s attention;

– 86% think they showcase the products and services advertised.

Astral says respondents went as far as to say that digital panels make travelling by car more enjoyable. This may owe to the boards being something to look at while not moving, as both cities have hellacious traffic jams.

I kinda sorta suppose  the perception of panels being attractive and appealing can help in keeping the anti-billboard crowd at bay, but in practical terms what matters is 84 percent notice the things.

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