Astral ads more digital boards in Toronto

November 15, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Astral Out-of-Home, which is part of Montreal-based Astral Media Inc., is adding nine new digital LED billboards in Toronto – which will boost the national network to 32 faces in Montréal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Astral’s Digital Network uses, at least they have so far, big YESCO boards. The tech most typically replaces conventional boards, and allows the media company to sell six ads instead of one. The spots are all 10 seconds each and are programmed and managed remotely from Astral’s control and broadcast centre in Montreal.

Canadian grocer Loblaw Companies is using the boards already up in the network to do a different take on weather forecasts.

“We leveraged the flexibility of the Digital Network to develop a highly creative campaign by displaying, automatically and in real-time, colourful visuals of fresh produce linked to diverse weather conditions,” said Nadine Hoduc, Senior Director, Québec Marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited, in a release. “The campaign absolutely delighted our customers while generating great brand recognition.”

The idea is a star fruit represents a sunny day, a cauliflower represents a cloudy day, and so on.

The new digital boards are expected to be fully operational by Jan. 2011, bringing the Toronto network total to 13 digital faces. The boards are all along major roads and highways.

Pattison Outdoor Advertising also has big broads running in the city, while some smaller companies have more diminuitive outdoor video on roadways and in the city’s main public plaza, Dundas Square.

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