CETW Videos – Quickie demo on Harmony by Request

November 14, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I like running into new companies at trade shows and finding out what it is that they do that’s different. Sometimes, there’s not much. But in this case, the Harmony by ReQuest system seems to have a somewhat unique offer.

The upstate New York company has been doing high-end digital media storage, management, playback, and system integration since 1998, focused on the high-end residential market.

Now they have a digital signage product that blends with their music playback system, aimed at the retail and restaurant sector. The DS stuff is typical, but what interested me is the set-up that allows venue operators to create their own playlists based on the music they have and like, and insert local messages (ie in-store radio).

I think most retail music providers operate more on the basis of providing pre-baked playlists based on genres, and the venues have no real control on the tune selection.

Here’s part on my quickie Flip cam interview done last week at CETW…

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