NanoLumens explained, in video, to tech blogger Robert Scoble

November 6, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The NanoLumens guys got some major love and exposure this week from highly influential tech blogger Robert Scoble. I THINK he saw the thin, flexible digital signage display when he was at an event in which the Atlanta company picked up a major tech innovation award.

Scobleizer, the term used for primary blog  and how the omnipresent guy seems to be known, wrote enthusiastically about the tech. That’s useful to anyone in the tech trade, but I mention  this more because he did a five minute video interview and walked through the technology, applications, price-point and so on with the President of NanoLumens, John Wilson.

If you have heard a little about the tech, but have not seen it, this video (below) is a very useful crash course.

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