DisplaySearch digital signage conference shifts to InfoComm in 2011

November 4, 2010 by Dave Haynes

The market research and consulting firm DisplaySearch has switched up its conference plans for next year and moved its digital signage event ahead to months and stapled it to InfoComm.

The annual conference, which focuses on both the digital signage business and advanced display technologies for the segment, will be held on June 14 during InfoComm 2011 at the Orange County Convention Center.

The conference will bring together the world’s largest display vendors, the world’s largest IT companies and companies already well established in out-of-home digital signage environments. Additionally, they will be joined by new ventures that digital displays are helping to foster. Applications to be examined include: mass transit, mixed-use information and advertising signage; electronic menu boards; higher education installations; point-of-sale and dynamic signage for retail; corporate mass-communication networks; out-of-home advertising/information/security messaging; and emerging solutions for the outdoor portion of the out-of-home market.

“With revenues for commercial large-format flat panel displays alone forecast to reach more than $7B by 2016, and unit volume growing at a 24% CAGR, this segment is a key area of growth for the flat panel display supply chain,” noted Chris Connery, Vice President of DisplaySearch. “Because digital signage remains a hot topic at InfoComm’s annual event, emphasis on this segment continues to grow. Co-locating the event will provide an opportunity for InfoComm attendees to learn more about the business side of digital signage, including market forecast and the latest trends.”

“The professional AV market continues to embrace flat panel technologies, which have become inexorably linked to digital signage,” notes Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director and CEO, InfoComm International. “We are pleased to offer a conference at InfoComm 2011 that examines the flat-panel market and other emerging displays associated with digital signage. The Digital Signage Conference is the perfect complement to the integrated technologies attendees can see on the Show floor.”

Preliminary Conference Topics Include:

Go-to-Market Strategies

Mass Media

Advanced and Emerging Display Technologies for Digital Signage

The 3rd annual version of this was in San Jose this summer, one of a sequence of conferences focused on the flat panel market. The combination of the dead of summer and one more trip way west was probably not perfect for potential attendees, so ganging it with what’s a must-go show for much of the AV crowd likely makes a world of sense.

The Strategy Institute is not going to be doing a two-day event at InfoComm, as it has done in recent years (the June event had a modest crowd in LV). So my guess (repeat, guess) is this is what’s replacing that event.

Will see if I can find out more from various folks …

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