InWindow stirs up twister on NYC street corner

November 2, 2010 by Dave Haynes

For a long video clip, I’d kinda expect to have a really solid grasp of what’s going on here. But I only sorta do.

As stated a few times, I really like streetfront-level rear-projection stuff because when it is combined with large format printed graphics it visually takes over. InWindow Outdoor is one of the biggest players in this space, and they pointed me at a relatively new promotion for the Storm Chasers show on the Discovery Channel.

For the unaware, that’s a show about the nutbars who head in the direction of tornadoes to get images and measurements.

As a pedestrian approaches the storefront screen, says a release, they see the image and sounds of the approaching tornado coming up the street just behind them. One location even has high-powered fans blowing gale-force winds on passers-by to enhance the experience. As the on-screen tornado approaches the user with speed and ferocity, virtual debris flies through the air, even sending a stop sign crashing through the storefront window. Once complete, the pedestrian can opt to receive a photograph of themselves via SMS and has the option of uploading that image to their Facebook page and the Storm Chasers Facebook fan page.

“The most effective outdoor advertisements are the ones that not only attract attention but engage a person on the street in an exciting way,’ said Steve Birnhak, CEO, Inwindow Outdoor. ‘Leveraging the resources of our digital production team, we have created a unique experience that is sure to drive awareness of the new season of Storm Chasers.’

The Urban Tornado can be experienced through Nov. 9th at 750 7th Avenue and 901 Broadway. Of course, it shuts down the day before I am in town. Oh well.

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