Digital View joins digital signage in a box race

November 1, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Many, many companies have come out in the last two or three years with digital signage in a box offers, all with variations on why their kit is different. One of the oldest companies in the digital signage sector, Digital View, has announced its own version.

I am more than three years removed from working with DV, but was interested to see this release because they have packaged up my favorite little DV gadget into a networked version with bundled software.

Digital View, the media player company, has released an easy-install digital signage kit, comprising a pre-configured media control server and a flexible number of networkable, low cost ViewStream™ Hi-Def digital media players.

Designed to operate within an office, retail or public environment, for a ‘ready made’ digital signage network, all the user need do is simply plug the server and media players into their existing local area network.

The media server runs Digital View’s FREE DV-SYNC software, which is totally scalable and can be configured to run as many ViewStream™ media players as required, with no additional license costs or monthly fees.

The DV-SYNC application controls the distribution of digital signage media content across the network. It uses FTP technology to deliver media scheduling and to collect content play-out and compliance information.

The ‘Digital Signage In A Box’ solution is offered with two compact ViewStream™ media player options – both of which provide professional digital content presentation with crystal-clear media playback, bullet-proof solid state LINUX reliability and an outstanding 3 year warranty.

The ViewStream™ VS-520 is a full HD 1080p, gapless track-to-track playback and a range of outputs to drive any LCD display, projector or video wall. The ViewStream VS-320 is a super compact, extremely low cost player that offers 720p HD playback.

I have no experience with the 1080P unit but the little 320 did a nice reliable job just running off Flash memory and really basic software. It’s nice to see it now being networked and hooked to more robust software.

‘We want to make it easy for companies to get into digital signage,’ comments James Henry, CEO of Digital View, ‘we want our products to be ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘easy-to-buy.’ ‘Digital Signage In A Box’ stands for; out-of-the-box, pre-configured simplicity at a fantastic price point”.

The ‘Digital Signage In A Box’ package includes a Content Management Server pre-loaded with DV-SYNC, a user-defined quantity of ViewStream media players and a copy of the DV-Studio playlist list creation tool.

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