Must Read on DOOH-Mobile (pointer)

October 29, 2010 by Dave Haynes

Lotsa people have tweeted and re-tweeted about Stephen Randall’s post/mild rant about how the steady proliferation of  smartphones will not – despite the naysayers –  spell doom for digital signage and DOOH.

It’s a great post as it walks through 10 well-reasoned points. And since not everybody keeps an eye on Twitter through the workday, this could easily be missed.

Stephen runs Locamoda, which does mobile-DOOH integration and services, so he has a vested interest. But you should know – if did not – that prior to founding Locamoda Randall was a co-founder of Symbian, which for many years was the dominant mobile phone operating system. He knows his way around that business, very arguably, more than anyone in the sector.

Must read.

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