This is HP's digital signage offer?

October 28, 2010 by Dave Haynes

I know a couple of the guys who have joined HP in the past year or so and have something to do with the company’s move into the digital signage sector. But we’ve not talked at length since they joined, and I am assuming there MUST be more to HP’s offer than what I have seen recently.

In short, one of the world’s most powerful technology companies is selling a 42-inch LCD monitor. No HP thin-client device or other tech under the hood. Just a monitor, like countless others.

Given how razor-thin the margins are on commercial panels, you gotta hope there is more to come, or wonder why they spent the effort putting this section together. HP has a lot of experience and product for all in ones and touch-based all-in-ones. You’d think there was more to do with that, given the rise of interactive and the relatively limited hardware options for that.

Very odd.

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